Reputation - a lifetime to build, a minute to destroy.

Reputation Matters

As the saying goes, "Before they know you, they Google".

Reputation in every aspect of life matters, with most consumers, businesses and government departments making decisions based on publicly available information online. 

The question is, what's being said about you online?

Tried & Tested


“In matters of content removal and all other aspects of removing illegal online content, the expertise at Internet Removals is truly unsurpassed.”

Rocco, Real Estate Agent

“For over a year i was maligned and personally attacked on various Facebook ‘hate pages’ and other internet sites.  This caused my family and I emotional distress as well as affected my business reputation.  I tried all avenues without success to have these pages either removed or shut down.  After talking to the professionals at Internet Removals all the ‘hate pages’ were removed within 48 hours. 

Col, Investigator

“I’m so proud of what Internet Removals has achieved for me. I can’t thank you enough.”

Brian, Jeweller

“I saw that Internet Removals had removed the article. I’m so thankful for their efforts in this regard.  I really appreciate it.”

Darren, Lawyer

"Our team would like to thank internet removals for their fast action after our request to remove a misleading review for us. We were always kept in the loop for the process to have a review taken down which gave us peace of mind."

Bec, Manager