From Pro Ball to cyberstalking victim, we welcome our newest IR team member.

It's not all fame and fortune in the sporting arena according to former professional basketball player and now Internet Removals reputation analyst, Mr. Dwayne Bailey. 

The newest recruit at Internet Removals, Dwayne has travelled the world playing basketball for a variety of international teams. It's some life, but unknown to many it comes with its dangers. 

After his career took him to London In 2015, Dwayne quickly became the victim of cyberstalking and harassment. Unaware at first, Dwayne was being stalked online through his social media accounts and other online publications. The problem, however, did not surface until much later. Dwayne had returned to Australia and was playing basketball, only to find the woman responsible for stalking him sitting in the crowd. 

It was later found that the stalker had hacked Dwayne's iCloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and was using the 'last signed in IP address' to track his whereabouts. 

Not only did the stalker fly across the world to find Dwayne, when asked to stop she slandered him across the internet, made threats of physical violence and approached his teams across the world with the intent of spreading false rumours to hurt his career. 

At Internet Removals, we pride ourselves on being able to empathise and understand our customers. Dwayne is a model example for members of our team that truly understand the depth of problems that our customers face and the need for real and effective solutions. 

Should you need any assistance in dealing with a cyberstalking related matter, contact Duane on 1300 039 196 or via email