Content Removal (Business)

Review platforms, websites, blogs and social communities are now used by consumers as valuable tools to help make purchase decisions. 

Global giants such as Google and Facebook are at the forefront of collecting consumer data and experiences, using these results to grade businesses with stars from one to five. The platform encourages users to share feedback, however it also subliminally encourages the user to become reliant on star ratings before choosing to make a purchase.

As these platforms grow and expand in circulation and awareness, they create a consumer who is dependant upon confirming social proof before making any decision. While this is great for businesses with unblemished review scores, it's not great for businesses who have suffered attacks from competitors, false reviews from 'ghost customers' and other unjust and unwarranted publications. 

The following BrightLocal statistics highlight the current purchase decision habits of consumers and what makes them shop elsewhere:

  • 82% of consumers conduct online research before buying;
  • 88% of consumers believe reviews as if recommended by a friend or family member; and
  • 72% of consumers will treat you as if you don’t exist upon locating negative online content.

We treat content published on all sites around the world, throughout and including Google INC, Facebook, Product Review, Whirlpool, Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer, Scam Book, Complaints Board, Youtube, Blogspot, Wordpress and dozens of other platforms.

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