Content Removal (Individual)

Social media sites, personal blogs and revenge porn websites are increasingly responsible for undue damage being caused to private citizens. This can range from images, videos to false and embarrassing statements. 

Global giants such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat are at the forefront of collecting and sharing user content such as posts, images and videos. Unfortunately, this content frequently falls into the wrong hands and is distributed online with the intent to cause harm. 

Common examples include:

  • Partners posting 'Revenge Porn';
  • Ex-business partners posting personal information; and
  • Ex-staff posting untrue and unjust stories online. 

    These publications often rank highly and become viral quite quickly, causing the victim significant embarrassment and harm. 

    In some extreme cases, these publications have resulted in self-harm and suicide. 

    We treat content published on all sites around the world, throughout and including Google INC (on behalf of associated country-specific platforms), Facebook, Instagram, Whirlpool, Youtube, Blogspot, Wordpress, STDregistry, She's a Home Wrecker, Liars and Cheaters and dozens of other platforms. 

    More specific information can be found on these pages:

    1. Remove Search Results;
    2. Remove Websites & Web Pages;
    3. Remove & Stop Cyber Abuse;
    4. Remove Images & Videos;
    5. Remove Revenge Porn;
    6. Remove Copyright & Trademark Infringement;
    7. Remove Pirated Content; and
    8. Remove Impersonating Accounts.

    No matter how or where it happened, Internet Removals

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