At Internet Removals, we are the pioneers of the content removal industry and specialise in providing corporate and private clients the following services. 

Content Removal

At Internet Removals, we have removed over 454,421 URL's from the internet and counting. Our team assist businesses and individuals in the removal of content deemed to be potentially illegal under a multitude of laws or alternatively in violation of an ISP, Host or Website TOS. 

We have invested over 9 years into creating and refining a process for drafting, lodging and managing content removal applications which has proven successful on thousands of occasions and has cemented our position at the forefront of the industry in success and reputation. 

At Internet Removals, our core business is removing content of concern to you. 

Content Monitoring

At Internet Removals, we have developed a highly accurate and sophisticated content monitoring system that identifies and alerts corporate and private clients to digital mentions as and when they occur.

The purpose of monitoring for digital mentions is to detect any content that we believe to be of concern and that warrants an application for removal. Upon locating content, we alert and advise our client on their options.  

Account Recovery

It's not uncommon that corporate and private social media or email accounts are lost or hacked. In most cases, clients do not know the password or cannot regain access to their accounts, putting sensitive information and content at risk of mass dissemination. 

At Internet Removals, one of our specialities is assisting clients in recovering accounts such as Facebook Pages, Instagram Handles, Hotmail and Gmail accounts amongst other platforms.  

DMCA Takedown

(Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

At Internet Removals, we understand that private citizens and corporate clients are both alike in that matters of DMCA and Copyright Infringement can occur and cause excessive and unmeasurable amounts of damages. 

In the private space, intimate images can be shared by ex-partners and leave a trail of devastating embarrassment, shame and abuse.

In the corporate sector, images, videos and music can be disseminated across the internet without your consent, costing you from thousands to millions in lost revenue. 

At Internet Removals, one of our major specialities is removing content that you rightfully own, from websites that are wrongfully publishing.