Online Review Management

Review platforms are great for both business and individuals alike as they provide for the open exchange of feedback as well as increased accountability and incentive for business to earn their star rating through providing an excellent product or service.

The problem, however; is that most business either:

  1. Do not understand reviews and review platforms;
  2. Do not have the resources to allocate a designated review manager; or 
  3. Do not have the skills to manage customer reviews effectively. 

In most cases, all three points above are applicable. 

For most businesses, there are five common review platforms to be managing. These are:

  1. Google My Business;
  2. Facebook;
  3. Product Review;
  4. True Local;
  5. WOMO; and

In some cases, customers can leave reviews for a business without a page set up. This then creates a page representing the business, leaving those representing it completely in the dark as to the customer review and the new page that they are listed on. 

Furthermore, most businesses do not know how to respond to both positive and negative reviews in a manner that will promote the image of the business. Many a business owner have 'cut sick' on unfair customer reviews, only to end up with 100 more the next day in reply, causing 100 times the damage. 

A client of Internet Removals once likened review management to "the process of putting an octopus back in a box - every time you get one tentacle back in, another comes out". We couldn't agree more! 

    Our service - Online Review Management

    As specialists in the field of online reputation management, Internet Removals can efficiently and cost effectively take over all of your review management needs, providing replies to customers across all known platforms and reporting back to the business with:

    1. General advice & recommendation;
    2. Risk identification & prevention strategies; 
    3. Recommended escalations to customer service; and
    4. All other identifiable information that may be useful to the business for the purposes of internal improvement. 

    If you would like to find out more, please contact our team via email on or call 1300 039 196