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First conceptualised in 2011, Internet Removals has created a globally renowned name for itself within the Reputation Management industry and was recognised by GoDaddy as THE pioneer of the Content Removal industry. In recognition of the high level damages caused by illegal online publications, Internet Removals was created as an agent for positive change, reform and removal. 

At IR we are devoted to continual education, honing our skills on the most cutting edge content removal matters. As a result we are able to offer our clients services across every spectrum of matter type and complexity. "We are persistent and love challenges'. 

Responsible for over 11,000 URL's removed and counting, our team has helped thousands of private citizens and corporations recover from a multitude of online problems. Types of matters include:

  1. False/fake reviews;
  2. Breaches of confidentiality; 
  3. IP & copyright infringement; 
  4. Cyber abuse & harassment; 
  5. Image based abuse (revenge porn);
  6. Account theft; and
  7. Piracy Protection.

We are proudly Australian owned and operated, servicing all countries near and far. 

We can tell you all kinds of things, but why not hear from some of our many clients?

"I have tried for approximately  3 years to get rid of the Facebook page associated with our business. We could not trace the person who set it up and consequently could not manage the insults, falsehoods and extremely damaging reviews left. As it became apparent to the public that the messages could not be removed, we assume our competitors used the page as a form of attack against us. I tried emailing Facebook in the US and failed. I tried telephoning and failed. I sought the advice of two web site creators to remove the page. They failed. I was told that there was nothing we could do  to remove the page. I was desperate when I put into goggle “help me remove Facebook”. Within  3 days of  speaking to Internet Removals, the Facebook page and its appalling comments had gone…..FOREVER. My only regret, that I had not contacted Internet Removals 3 years ago. Thank you one million times." - Catherine

"I cannot thank internet removals enough. For over 1.5 years I have been personally attacked with defamatory information being posted on the internet after being legally sued by a certain individual at the age of 21, being successful in the court hearing and then the appeal. These turn of events seemed like there was no hope to get this information removed until I found Internet removals. The kind customer service from Internet Removals  was impeccable and the results even better, the day I found out the case had been successful I cried. This can happen to anyone and I urge you to reach out to internet removals to help you as it will be life changing” - Nina

"I want to confirm my very positive experience when dealing with Internet Removals. I obtained their assistance in removing fictitious, derogatory and unsubstantiated claims against myself over the past two years. Internet Removals were proactive in ensuring the removal of malicious insinuations, on both a personal and professional level from YouTube and Google. What gave me great hope was their dogmatic approach and attitude of not giving up at the first rebuttal and obstacle, especially when dealing with global giants such as google and youtube who seem to think they rule the planet. There is hope yet for the underdog.” - Rocco

If you would like to find out more, please contact our team via email on team@internetremovals.com.au or call 1300 039 196

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