Congratulations on your decision to inquire about our Reseller Opportunity.  Our objective in expanding our business is to partner with like-minded professionals who are keen to generate great income in a new an emerging market, through ethical practices.

At the outset, this information represents in full, the position and offer of the Licensor, Internet Removals Pty Ltd. All or Any Representations made, which are not part of this Memorandum, or contrary to this Memorandum are not considered to represent our offer.


Internet Removals provides a variety of services, the core services being:

  1. Content Removal Applications;
  2. Content Monitoring & Retained Solutions;
  3. Account Recovery; and
  4. IP Infringement removal. 

Internet Removals also provides services with respect to:

  1. Litigation (through our corporate partners); and
  2. Litigation Support (through our corporate partners); 

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The Market

The Problem

Technology allows customers at ever increasing ease to post reviews, comments, blogs and feedback about a person or business.

Consumer Psychology has shifted to a stage where perfect service encounters are expected. Where this isn’t met consumers immediately vent their frustrations on
high ranking review sites, blogs or social networks.

Damage is caused to victims of unfair reviews and often leads to personal damage or significant financial damage to the business.

Remedies are uncommon as the problem exists within a very niche market. Traditional remedies such as lawyers and SEO fall short. 

The Solution

Internet Removals - a content removal service that assists businesses and individuals in removing and recovering from online attacks.


Potenial B2C Leads: Unlimited. Every person is a potential victim of online defamation and/or copyright infringement.

Potential B2B Leads: Country Specific. Every business within a country is a potential victim of online attacks and/or copyright and trademark infringement.

Furthermore, leads are self-replenishing as user-generated content (which is ever increasing) is the root of the worldwide problem.


  • 92% of consumers now read online reviews (vs. 88% in 2014).
  • Only 13% of consumers consider using a business that has a 1 or 2-star rating.
  • Star rating is #1 factor used by consumers to judge a business.
  • 88% of consumers form an opinion by reading 1-10 reviews.
  • (Vs. 84% in 2014)
  • UK Newspapers report that over 30 Billion Pounds are spent per year combatting this problem.


Direct: None Known
Indirect: Law Firms, SEO Companies, Online Reputation Management firms.

Indirect competitors have been out-competed at all a times. 

Competitive Advantages

  • First to market
  • Proven Concept & Results
  • Design & Brand
  • Existing Market Recognition
  • Intellectual Property
  • Systems & Assets
  • Marketing Automation
  • Successful Marketing Strategies
  • Experience


Marketing Material

The Reseller will be authorised to market the services of Internet Removals.

In undertaking authorised marketing, the Reseller will be authorised to procure and use all approved marketing materials (logo, brand, materials etc.)

The Reseller will generate revenue by:

1. Outbound telephone marketing and sales;
2. Management of Inbound telephone marketing and sales;
3. Online advertising;
4. Referral Marketing and Sales;
5. Face to Face Marketing and Sales;

The Reseller will be paid generous commission for marketing our approved services, per sale and in line with our Reseller Commission Structure.



The Reseller will be remunerated to market, sell and provide customer service to clients and potential clients with respect to all Internet Removals services, in a manner in line with the Reseller Agreement.

As a part of sales, the Reseller is required to provide a minimum level of customer service and care to their clients. While Internet Removals provides the service and manages the client via email, the Reseller may be required to act as the point of contact and customer care agent. 

Internet Removals

Internet Removals provides:

  1. All Initial Training Modules;
  2. All Marketing Material;
  3. Training Workshops;
  4. Reseller Support;
  5. Quoting & Assessment;
  6. Access to the Internet Removals CRM;
  7. Invoicing;
  8. Provides actual Services; and 
  9. Provides outbound leads at a low cost;

Training & Information

Initial Training includes:

  1. Service Overview & Explanation;
  2. Technical Overview; 
  3. Approved Sales Training; and
  4. CRM Training;

These are delivered in person or by way of online conference.

Additional training and information includes:

  1. Access to our resources centre where all Policy, Tutorials and Precedent is available; 
  2. Ongoing training and support are provided where required, within reason.


Internet Removals provides the entire service, including:

  1. Obligation free advice;
  2. Obligation free quotes;
  3. Invoicing and file admin;
  4. Customer Onboarding; and
  5. Service Production.

Monthly Fees

Resellers will be required to pay a yearly fee to cover:

  1. CRM seats;
  2. Phone (if any);
  3. Leads (if any); and
  4. Other systems related costs. 

The fee is currently $440.00 AUD.


Internet Removals may, at its discretion, provide for purchase suitably qualified business leads. 


There are no Exclusive Territories. Resellers can market the services of Internet Removals throughout Australia. 

Client’s throughout Australia, however, become Exclusive to the Reseller through its “Client Serviced by Reseller” Policy. The policy is designed specifically to ensure that clients are being best serviced and marketed to, Internet Removals objectives are being met, and other Resellers are not being prevented from access to clients who are not being serviced. “Client Squatting, without result is not permitted”.

The following rules apply:

  1. Internet Removals maintain a Register of Clients and Resellers servicing these clients, within its CRM. This is accessible by all Resellers;
  2. Resellers qualify for “Client serviced by Resellers” status when any form of marketing is commenced by the Resellers with respect to that client/prospect. Such activities include creating a reference to the client in the CRM and tagging this client with the Reseller Name or Description;
  3. Resellers are not permitted to market to the “Client serviced by Resellers”, without the Resellers written permission;
  4. To maintain the status of “Client serviced by Resellers” exclusivity the Reseller:
    1. Must have generated instructions from the client at least once each twelve (12) months;
    2. Must have contacted the Client during a six month period and provide evidence of such contact;
    3. Must be in a position to prove to Internet Removals that there is an ongoing relationship, or alternatively the Reseller has and is regularly marketing to the client, in a manner that is approved by Internet Removals; and
    4. Demonstrate that Internet Removals objectives are best being served by the particular Reseller.

In the case of National Brands, for exclusivity of all business within the brand, the Reseller will need to prove to Internet Removals that the relationship extends to all business and or locations within the brand. 


The term 'CRM' refers to Customer relationship management, which is an approach to managing a company's interaction with current and potential customers. The CRM used by Internet Removals is called AGILE CRM. 

All interaction with prospects, leads or clients by resellers must be noted in the CRM. 


Resellers are paid commission as follows:

  1. 28% of the gross sale (upfront or retained);
  2. +2% monthly when KPI is exceeded by 5%; and
  3. 10% of team sales.

Commissions are paid weekly upon receipt. 

Resellers may also be provided with a weekly retainer once KPI is continually met.